About the Weapons

Weapons are the key to survive the longest in the arena and earn a lot of points! Each weapon can be found in a chest as well as fragments of those weapons. By spending medals you can use those fragments to upgrade the base damage of your guns. There are 4 weapon categories:

  • Common: Common weapons are found in every chest and are plentiful.
  • Rare: Little less common than commons but are still easy to obtain. Rare weapons are found in Silver, Gold, and Diamond chests.
  • Epic: Epic weapons are quite a bit harder to obtain then common and rare weapons and can be found in Gold and Diamond chests.
  • Legendary: Legendary weapons are the icing on the cake. They are the rarest type of the game and when level up, deal loads of damage. They can be found sometimes but rarely found in gold chests, if you are lucky you will able to get legendries from the gold chest. If you don't you will need to buy a diamond chest from the shop.
  • All the weapons have a max level. Max level for common weapons are level 13, rare are 11, epics are level 8, and legendries level 5. Currently it is really similar to clash royale.
  • site: squaddio

List of guns

Weapon (Click name for more info) Rarity
W Iso Gun
Deagle Common
W Iso Spas12
Shotgun Common
W Iso DoubleCanon
Double Barrel Common
W Iso Uzi
Uzi Common
W Iso Thompson
Thompson Common
W Iso M4
M4 Common
W Iso LightGun
Light Gun Common
W Iso Suppressor
Suppressor Rare
W Iso PlasmaGun
Plasma Gun Rare
W Iso MiniGun
Mini Gun Rare
W Iso LaserGun
Laser Gun Epic
W Iso BounceRifle
Bounce Rifle Epic
W Iso Sniper
Sniper Epic
W Iso FlakCannon
Flak Canon Epic
W Iso IceGun
Ice Gun Legendary
W Iso Destructor
Samson Legendary