About the Shop

The shop is where you can spend your medals and gems earn through the game and your many battles!


Heart 0000 Medals01 Heart 0002 Medals02 Heart 0001 Medals03

You can get more medals by neutralizing enemies during the game, as a reward in chests or buying them in the shop.

Medals are used to buy fragments and upgrade your weapons.


Squaddio Gem


Gems are a special currency used to buy medals and chest. You can buy them or loot them in the Daily Chest every day.


Squaddio Chest 0002 Free Squaddio Chest 0004 Common Squaddio Chest 0000 Rare Squaddio Chest 0003 Epic Squaddio Chest 0001 Legendary

In chests you will loot everything needed to upgrade and customize your playthrough! Five different chests are available in the game:

  • Daily Chest : Available once every 6 hours.
  • Bronze Chest: Contains at least 3 Common weapons. Obtained every level up that is not a multiple of 7 or 5.
  • Silver Chest : Contains at least one Rare weapon. Obtained every level up that is a multiple of 5
  • Gold Chest : Contains at least many Rare and one Epic weapon. Obtained every level up that is a multiple of 7.
  • Diamond Chest : Contains a lot of Rare and Epic weapons and one Legendary. Currently only obtained at the cash shop for best items in the game.


Each day, new fragments are available to purchase using medals. They are also obtainable in different quantities in chests.

By spending medals you can use those fragments to upgrade the base damage of your guns.