About the Game is an isometric shoot'em up in which you can battle with or against friends and the whole world !

The main goal is to survive and rank the highest in the leaderboard by neutralizing the enemies. Doing so, you will earn experience and level up ! Upon leveling up you will be rewarded chests, containing new weapons, medals and fragments.

Pickups are scattered around the map, each one of them can make a huge difference so be sure to grab them !


Mouse and Keyboard :

  • Move : WASD / ZQSD
  • Fire : Left Mouse Button
  • Dash : Right Mouse Button / Space Bar
  • Scoreboard : Left Shift
  • Menu Pause : P

Gamepad :

  • Move :Left Joystick
  • Fire : Right Trigger
  • Dash : Left Trigger
  • Scoreboard : Press Right Joystick
  • Menu Pause : Start Button


Bonuses are item the player can pick up during the game, giving him an instant reward. In there are 3 kind of bonuses who spawn randomly across the map.

Icon Name Description
Heart 0003 LaserSight Attack Up This bonus grants you a damage boost
Heart 0004 Shield Shield Up Allow you a shield gauge, that protects you
Heart 0005 Life Health Up Heal 45% of your health bar.

Special Weapon

These weapons can be pick up by the player during the game. When picked up they are directly equipped and the player keeps them until he has no more ammunition for them. They only spawn at the center ofc the level.

Icon Name Description
Squaddio WeaponIso 0017 RocketLauncher Rocket Launcher The Rocket Launcher shoot a rocket which deals high damage in a wide area.
Squaddio WeaponIso 0018 ArcThrower Arc-Thrower Shoots a ball of energy electrifying enemies around it. Deals lower damage on bots.
Squaddio WeaponIso 0015 CactusLauncher Cactus Launcher Cactus can shoot over wall deals in a small splash radius.

WARNING: Cannot target units they are really close!

Squaddio WeaponIso 0016 FlameThrower Flame-Thrower Create a huge arc of flames. Flames increase damage over time like the laser gun, and also deals area splash damage in a wide area.